Monday, February 06, 2006

Ric's Guitars Used On Weezers Blue Album

Occasionally something get by me about Ric and for some reason I like that it does. I like learning something new. Apparently when Ric was producing Weezers 1994 Blue Album at Electric Ladyland Studios. Weezer band member and principal song writer Rivers Cuomo had no guitar for the sessions as his custom made model was on order and not ready yet.

So Ric offered Rivers a pick of his own guitars in his from his own personal collection. Rivers chose a red 60's Fender Jaguar (the same guitar Ric is playing here) , and a 1955 Gibson Les Paul Junior Special, double cutaway.

Both Guitars were used extensivley on the Blue album and Ric's Les Paul Junior Special contributes the sound on the the more crunchier riffs on the album. So the guitar riffs you are hearing on "Buddy Holly" and "My Name Is Jonas" are being played on Ric Ocasek owned guitars.

Below is a picture of Rivers Cuomo and Weezer Guitarist Brian Bell Playing Ric's guitars during the Blue Album sessions at Electric Ladyland.

Below is a picture at Electric Ladyland of the two Ric guitars used on Weezers The Blue album. Ric's are pictured on the left and right.

I Just knew those guitars sounded familar !


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