Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Cars Unlocked To Be Released !

Christmas comes a bit early this year for Ric Ocasek fans as the much anticipated “The Cars Unlocked” documentary has been announced for release October 17th. The company distributing it is Docurama and the project was mainly put together by Ric and his son Eron. You can visit Ric to actually view trailers of this soon to be released DVD.

The Cars Unlocked DVD will feature about 20 never before seen live performances and backstage footage even including sound checks. It will also include a 28 page photo lyric book put mainly together by Ric himself.

In addition if that weren’t enough to handle a 14 song music CD of Cars unreleased live material will be included. The CD will also include four never released Cars songs whether they are studio or live ones is yet to be determined.

The price of the whole package is slated at $23.96 if you pre-order from the Docurama site starting September 19th. An extraordinarily reasonable price that you know Elliot Easton and Paid Inc had no hand in setting or it would have been set at 60-80 dollars.

For much more information go to the these Docurama links. One is their website link and one is a The Cars Unlocked product pdf file link

Unlocked Docurama Link

Unlocked Product PDF LINK

Colbert Report sends Ocasek on Covert Mission

Ric made his second appearance on Comedy Centrals Colbert Report. Ric participated in a comedy bit where host Stephen Colbert’s eagle namesake Stephen Jr. was being abused by zoo handlers. Colbert called upon three special people to rescue Stephen Jr. from the clutches of his evil bird captors. One was an explosive specialist named Killer, Colbert’s expendable producer Bobby and none other than Ric who would use his brute animal magnetism to woo the female zookeeper away from Colbert’s precious bird.

To view the clip you have to go to the Comedy Central and do a search for the Colbert Report and look through the archives for a bit called “Rescuing Stephen Jr.”

Here’s a link to get you started

Rescuing Stephen Jr.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pink Spiders Answer My Question at Pink

I want to thank the guys from The Pink Spiders taking their time out to answer my questions over at their site. Their new album Teenage Graffiti came out August 1st and I urge you to pick it up. The album has a bit of a Modern Lovers connection which diehard Ocasek Fans always know seems to pop up now and then. Jerry Harrison formerly of the Modern Lovers and Talking Heads appears as a musician on the CD. Former Cars drummer David Robinson was a member of the Modern Lovers as well. Also Ocasek is a long time friend of Modern Lovers frontman Jonathan Richman and has produced him in the past.

Here's the Question I posted to their site :

Troub : Did Ric Ocasek ever mention anything about the whole Cars/New Cars tour debacle ? Also, Ric is known for not changing much from demo to final product. Did you hook up with him because of this or for his rep as being like a extra member of the band that won't try to fawk with your sound?

The Pink Spiders : Absolutely, that was one of the really cool things about working with Ric (other than being a huge fan of the Cars). He is a lot more of a spiritual guru, zenmaster, etc than dictator in the studio. He's just really good at making your songs sound cool and getting a great performance out of you. As for the "New Cars", I have to plead the fifth

Here is the Link to their site and my question


June 17th Ric And Paulina sited in Greenwich Village

It's gotta be mega annoying to have your pics snapped every time you do anything. But Ric and Paulina seem to be taking it all in stride. The couple seem to have been shopping and it looks like Paulina is carrying the bulk of the load. It looks like Ric is driving an economy size car these days to whiz about the city. I'm just wondering how does he fit in it. There is absolutely no leg room in that car for him and his head is scraping the roof. My best guess this was taken in Greenwich village but really could have be taken in any part of NYC.


June 14th Ric and Paulina attend Adam Sandlers "Click" Premiere

Ric was out in Los Angeles with Paulina attending a Premiere for Adam Sandlers latest piece of comic predictability "Click". I wouldn't pay dime one to see this and apparently either did Ric.

From what I heard the movies concept of having a remote control for life itself was amusing for about 15 minutes and the rest of the movie was an exercise in boredom. Let's hope the after party was better than this latest Sandler Movie.