Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Colbert Report sends Ocasek on Covert Mission

Ric made his second appearance on Comedy Centrals Colbert Report. Ric participated in a comedy bit where host Stephen Colbert’s eagle namesake Stephen Jr. was being abused by zoo handlers. Colbert called upon three special people to rescue Stephen Jr. from the clutches of his evil bird captors. One was an explosive specialist named Killer, Colbert’s expendable producer Bobby and none other than Ric who would use his brute animal magnetism to woo the female zookeeper away from Colbert’s precious bird.

To view the clip you have to go to the Comedy Central and do a search for the Colbert Report and look through the archives for a bit called “Rescuing Stephen Jr.”

Here’s a link to get you started

Rescuing Stephen Jr.

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