Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ric Appears in The Big Take Over Magazine

Ric appears in this months issue of The Big Takeover Magazine and is interviewed by Jeff Elbel both about Nexterday and his job as head of Inverse.

You can pick the magazine up at Borders and such.

Some high-lites from the article are :

Ric is allowed by Sanctuary to sign a maximum of three bands a year to his own Inverse label.

Carousel which appears on his Nexterday album is not a fresh tune as all the other tracks are. It is actually a Pre-Cars tune that Ric did when he first came to NY as a struggling songwriter.

His passion for receiving Demo Tapes is immense. He says currently has about 500
demos to wade through, and exclaims that Demos are the Best ! "It's like getting a great record a year in advance"

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Cars and Beatles Producer George Martin

During Ric Ocasek's Interview with Matt Pinfield on his HDNET's Soundoff program Ric revealed a very interesting story that hadn't been documented as of yet . The Cars self-titled first studio album was recorded in a studio owned by famed Beatle producer George Martin. It seems that Martin would poke his head daily on The Cars recording sessions. He also specificly told them "that they "a hit record here" during the studio work on the debut record. The Cars collectivley as a group at the time didn't believe him but gained some confidence in themselves in at least thinking they had potential.

Ric also talked about driving in LA with Roy Thomas Baker and seeing the Cars for the first time on a billboard. Thsi story was covered in the Daily Events Book January 17th entry.

Most importantly Ric said that the Cars Unlocked Documentary is finished and that only titles and credits need to be done to complete the project.

The Program will re-air on January 29th at 4:30 EST

Friday, January 27, 2006

Ric appears on Matt Pinfield's HDNET "Sound Off" TV Show

Ric Ocasek joined HDNETS Matt Pinfield on Pinfield's show "Soundoff".

Both Ocasek and Pinfield have served as A+R guys at major labels. The program will repeat on Sunday January 29th at 4:30 EST.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ric Radio Interview With Rudy Blair 2005

Ric was interviewed a few months ago by Canadian radio host Rudy Blair.

The Negative Theater Troupe has provided you with the downloadable version of the 20 minute or so Interview. The link for the show is provided below.

Ric Ocasek Rudy Blair Interview

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Roy Thomas Baker Speaks About The Cars Debut

"I remember when the first Cars record hit Number One on the charts, I was driving on Sunset Boulevard with Ric Ocasek. We drove past a billboard for the Cars' record, and he said, "If someone had told me a year ago that I would be driving along Sunset Boulevard with Roy Thomas Baker looking up at a billboard of my record that is Number One, I wouldn't have believed him." Roy Thomas Baker also went on to describe why most tracks he did with the cars have a seemless stream to them.

"I love segues, because I like records to be continuous and it gives me a good excuse not to turn off the music and put on something else. They played the first three or four songs off of The Cars first album' in the beginning because the DJ's at the time kept missing the end of the songs. It worked out well."

"With The Cars, you had this band with a sparse rhythm section and a unique singer in Ric Ocasek, but when the harmonies kicked in, it was a wall of sound. They came at a time when rock radio really needed some freshening up."

I would run into the Sex Pistols, because they were working over at Wessex. They were saying the usual, "All you bands are going to be gone because you're over-produced and you're all fags," and all that. [Laughs] It was really funny. I thought, "Maybe there is a point where I should be a bit more sparse." So when I did the first Cars record, we purposely did it very sparse, but when the harmony vocals come in, there are as many vocals there as there were in a Queen record. The only difference is it was in and then it was gone.

"Good Times Roll" is a classic one for that. When they sing those words, it's huge and then it's gone, and everything is back to sparse again. I was able to put big vocals on a sparse, punkish background, sort of inventing post-punk pop.

Ric Finishes Pink Spiders Album

Ocasek has finished his production work on the Pink Spiders Album and the project is now in the Mastering and post production phase

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ric Appears In Guitar Player Magazine

Get an inside look at what gear Ric used to record "Nexterday" with. Ric also shares his guitar sound techniques in studio.


Ric's Album Nominations For New Pantheon Music Awards 2005

Ric was chosen along with some other music icons such as Elton John, Beck, Dave Matthews and Suzanne Vega to be a nominator for the best album of 2005. Here is the link for Ric's picks. Feel free to browse around and find out what New Pantheon is all about and to also check out some of the eclectic nominators they gathered like Margaret Cho.