Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Cars and Beatles Producer George Martin

During Ric Ocasek's Interview with Matt Pinfield on his HDNET's Soundoff program Ric revealed a very interesting story that hadn't been documented as of yet . The Cars self-titled first studio album was recorded in a studio owned by famed Beatle producer George Martin. It seems that Martin would poke his head daily on The Cars recording sessions. He also specificly told them "that they "a hit record here" during the studio work on the debut record. The Cars collectivley as a group at the time didn't believe him but gained some confidence in themselves in at least thinking they had potential.

Ric also talked about driving in LA with Roy Thomas Baker and seeing the Cars for the first time on a billboard. Thsi story was covered in the Daily Events Book January 17th entry.

Most importantly Ric said that the Cars Unlocked Documentary is finished and that only titles and credits need to be done to complete the project.

The Program will re-air on January 29th at 4:30 EST

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