Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ric Appears in The Big Take Over Magazine

Ric appears in this months issue of The Big Takeover Magazine and is interviewed by Jeff Elbel both about Nexterday and his job as head of Inverse.

You can pick the magazine up at Borders and such.

Some high-lites from the article are :

Ric is allowed by Sanctuary to sign a maximum of three bands a year to his own Inverse label.

Carousel which appears on his Nexterday album is not a fresh tune as all the other tracks are. It is actually a Pre-Cars tune that Ric did when he first came to NY as a struggling songwriter.

His passion for receiving Demo Tapes is immense. He says currently has about 500
demos to wade through, and exclaims that Demos are the Best ! "It's like getting a great record a year in advance"

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