Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pink Spiders Answer My Question at Pink Spiders.com

I want to thank the guys from The Pink Spiders taking their time out to answer my questions over at their site. Their new album Teenage Graffiti came out August 1st and I urge you to pick it up. The album has a bit of a Modern Lovers connection which diehard Ocasek Fans always know seems to pop up now and then. Jerry Harrison formerly of the Modern Lovers and Talking Heads appears as a musician on the CD. Former Cars drummer David Robinson was a member of the Modern Lovers as well. Also Ocasek is a long time friend of Modern Lovers frontman Jonathan Richman and has produced him in the past.

Here's the Question I posted to their site :

Troub : Did Ric Ocasek ever mention anything about the whole Cars/New Cars tour debacle ? Also, Ric is known for not changing much from demo to final product. Did you hook up with him because of this or for his rep as being like a extra member of the band that won't try to fawk with your sound?

The Pink Spiders : Absolutely, that was one of the really cool things about working with Ric (other than being a huge fan of the Cars). He is a lot more of a spiritual guru, zenmaster, etc than dictator in the studio. He's just really good at making your songs sound cool and getting a great performance out of you. As for the "New Cars", I have to plead the fifth

Here is the Link to their site and my question

Pink Spiders.com

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