Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ric Explective Laden The Wave Article

You remember the saying don't believe everything you read. Well it certainly rings true with Internet Sites that don't have editors and fact checkers like newspapers, magazines and published books have.

As I stumble upon more Ric Internet interviews I often find them basically text that has apparently been parapahrased from numerous credible sites and presented as an original interview by not so credible sites.

The one that appeared recently on The Wave site
is suspiciously a bit askew in my opinion.

Although, it contains information that has already been documented by other sites it has some bit out of character
quotes from Ric.

For Example this one

Now, the ex-Cars leader looks around his own New York abode for a minute and shudders. “My house is a f--king mess, it’s outta hand. I should get rid of 50 percent of this sh-t, like those organizer people on TV.”

It just doesnt sound like Ric to me. It could be but he rarely talks about personal things especially cursing every other word.

Here's another one:

TW: In “Moving In Stereo,” you sang, “Life’s the same, I’m moving in stereo / Life’s the same, except for my shoes.” What was different about your shoes?

RO: Well, you know, shoes are always changing. People never wear the same shoes all the time, so I guess that’s the point of that. But who really knows? It’s some pretty deep sh-t. Everything makes sense when you’re writing.

Him saying that his lyrics aresome deep shit is way out of character at least from almost 30 years of reading his interviews.

What interviewer asks this question ?

TW: Seriously. What the hell were you smoking that day?
RO: Oh, whatever was around. The same things I’m probably still smoking.

I guess the answer is feasible

The final flaw in the interview is Ric's answer about his relationship with Paulina

We’re in good shape, we’re phenomenal.

That Just doesn't sound like something Ric would say.

Hey I could be wrong and the article is 100% valid. But I'm taking this one with a grain a salt. I suggest you should too.

Here's the Link To The entire article


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