Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sometimes It Don't Work Out

Ric worked with Motor City Soundtrack on their latest effort Even If it Kills Me on some tracks and apparently they thought Ric was going to sparkle and polish their tunes up, then turn them into pop behemoths.

But often Ocasek's approach is to tweak the demos he hears and capture the band sound as he first heard it on the demo. Ric who even played Keyboards on Motor City Soundtracks latest effort got slammed by the bands guitarist Joshua Cain according to The

Cain said working with Ocasek, who produced landmark albums like Weezer's Blue Album and Bad Brains's Rock for Light, was a disappointment.

"We were kind of bummed afterwards because he really didn't do much with it," Cain says. "We were really stoked before, but we wish we would have done the record without him."

This really is the first time a band has not been happy with Ocasek in the studio. The only thing close has been a disdain for Ric's production of Guided By Voices 2001's Do The Collapse by GBV fans not the band itself.

The full Motor City Soundtrack article can be found here


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