Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Rat

I think it always come back to The Rat. It's where Ric's later bands ended up playing. I had a chance to talk to Alan Vega's wife and she said it was incredible, talking me to as If i were Old enough to remember it. I'm not that old but its about the first time I wish I had been born in Boston and not NYC. The place was certainly a dive (which is often a good thing) but it was tied into a music scene that had a real sense of community.

I recently came upon a website called Boston Groupie which documented the going's-on of the Boston Music scene in the 70's and 80's. Thats where I came upon the above Pictures. They were taken By Joanie Lindstrom sister of New Models guitarist Casey Lindstrom.

Her brother Casey as most Ocasek fans know appeared on Ocasek's first release Beatitude. Casey also was the lead guitarist in Ocasek's three man band that played at Perkins Palace where Ric's 1983 appearance on Rock and Roll Tonight was taped.

Enjoy these old photos of Ocasek and his bandmates. Also check the Boston Groupie News website out it's quite cool.

Boston Groupie News


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