Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ric's Early Board Work : 1979

Peter Dayton

Peter Dayton was one of the founding members of the legendary punk band La Peste. The band had a huge following, with good reason. Great songs, incredible energy, and amazing "like-ability" for a punk band.

Peter left La Peste to pursue a solo project, which owed more to artists like The Cars, or Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers than to bands like the Sex Pistols or the Clash. Ric was a big fan of Peter's songwriting, and produced some demos for him.

But ultimately none of it was released with the exception of a couple songs that made it onto vinyl compilation LPs. Well we here at Daily Events Book have obtained an actual Ric Ocasek produced Peter Dayton tune Entitled “The Last Supper” This is one of Ric’s initial works as a Producer this song was recorded in 1979.

Peter Dayton - The Last Supper

The Fast

Ric also worked with NYC’s scenesters The Fast. The Fast core members were primarily made up of two brothers Miki and Paul Zone. The Fast were playing at The Rat in Boston when they were spotted by Ric O. who perhaps was searching to hone his "bare bones" production sound.

Ric brought the band to Electric Ladyland Studios, for sessions that would result in The Fast's debut LP, For Sale. This also another example of Ocasek's early works as a producer. Both these songs are over 25 years old, they even pre-date Ric's more well known work with Suicide.

The Fast - Kids Just Wanna Dance

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