Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ric's Real My Space Page Now Up

After being impersonated for about a year the real Ric Ocasek has taken command of his myspace account.

How do we know this ?

Well, first off the page has two never before heard demos on it and secondly the real Ric is a lot busier to post than the previous imposter. The myspace page also features two videos from Ric's own video vault. Two songs from the upcoming video compilation project Different Times can be seen there. " All We Need Is Love" and "Not Shocked" live.

Ric has promised art and poetry as well. The demos I previously mentioned are incredible. One is the Ric only Demo for "Let's Go" and the other a recording of him and the late great Benjamin Orr doing a cover of Buddy Holly's "Everyday".

Make sure you bookmark this badboy, it is essential to any Ric Ocasek fan.

Ric's MY Space Page

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