Saturday, November 04, 2006

Formely Of Ric's Inverse The Hong Kong's First Video

The Hong Kong, Ric's initial signing to his own label Inverse has recently released a song called "Tongue Tied". I suspect this is the first song from their forthcoming album " Slow Motion Gets Around" which is also produced by Ric. This is the first track to make it's way to the public. The song is fantastic and the production is outstanding.

However, according to The Hong Kong's keyboardist Shawn King because of Inverse's dilemma with Sanctuary ( read two posts up) Inverse's fate is on hold.

Because of this The Hong Kong themselves are presently shopping the new album around to other labels.

The Hong Kong's latest release "Tongue Tied" also has a video that accompanies it which has recently won the best Music Video at the Crossroads Film festival in Jackson Mississippi for both the band and its director Sera Rogacki.

The Hong Kong are great peeps and an good band to boot.

Download their first album "Rock The Faces" Here

Take a look at the Video Here.

The Hong Kong - Tongue Tied


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