Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ocasek Beefs Up Brazilian Girls' 'Bomb'

Ric has once again undertaken a avant garde band as a production project in the eclectic techno quartet the Brazilian Girls. The fact that the band is comprised of three men and one woman who are not Brazilian can give you a hint that this is no ordinary band. Well Known in The NYC club scene for their sexy and d mysterious stage shows courtesy of lead singer Sabina Sciubba lacey party masks. Sciubbia delivers her sexy vocals in five different languages. This band has had some nice success sales wise with their self titled debut. The mix of conceptual art and music is a combination that no doubt attracted Ric to working with them as Producer for their sophmore effort.

Here is a copy of the Billboard article written by Katie Hasty

Ocasek Beefs Up Brazilian Girls' 'Bomb'

Eclectic New York outfit the Brazilian Girls get a lift from producer Ric Ocasek on its sophomore album, "Talk to La Bomb." The set is due Sept. 12 via Verve Forecast and is the follow-up to the group's 2005 self-titled debut, which reached No. 6 on Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart.

"This record is going to be a lot more dynamic," bassist Jesse Murphy tells "We really captured the lounge aspect of our music with our last one -- you could hear it in a restaurant but not even know it was us. I think because we had so many people around to bounce ideas off of, the songs just got bigger and better."

In addition to producing, Ocasek plays guitar on the first single, "Last Call." Says Murphy, "That was one of the songs we were feeling really iffy on. We kept trying to make it work and were going to just let it die, but then Ric took it and worked it out."

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