Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ric Takes Julio Iglesias To Court !

Ric isn’t really suing Julio but maybe he should.

Recently, I came a cross this review of a Julio Iglesias song named “Ni Te Tengo Ni Te Olvido”. The reviewer said it sounded like something Ric Ocasek wrote but the author wasn’t more specific than that.

After I obtained the song and took a listen it is a complete and utter rip-off of the Ocasek penned CARS song Drive. Although the chorus is different the verse part is almost exact.

How bout you noisicians download it and you can be the judge for yourselves ?

We here at Negative Theater are all about justice. Decide for yourself if Julio Iglesias is indeed guilty of ripping off an Ocasek melody?

Provided below is the Link For the song.

“Ni Te Tengo Ni Te Olvido”

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