Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ric's My Space Update

Ric has added a new video to his MySpace page as well as several different songs for your listening pleasure. Please visit the Page to take a gander at the new stuff. Rumor has it Heg gets a dime for every hit.

Ric's MySpace

The video is for the song "Help Me Find America" which appeared on Ocasek's 1993 album Quick Change World as well as the Import Double Album Negative Theater. I suspect this video will land on his work in progress DVD project "Different Times" which has no date for release as of yet.

The Video is an 8mm job with some really cool scenes from the must see movie "Atomic Cafe" as well as some road trip footage from around the U.S. Ric is superimposed in several frames but certainly not the subject of the video.


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