Sunday, February 18, 2007

1984 Ric Remixer Lloyd Cole & The Commotions

Hey Ric is a Re- Mixer at least that's what I recently found out. It seems Ric remixed three tracks for one of the early 80's most popular UK bands Lloyd Cole and the Commotions. The three tracks appear on the bands 1984 debut album "Rattlesnakes".

Apparently Ric did this for the Geffen only for the U.S Release of "Rattlesnakes". The back story on Lloyd Cole and The Commotions is that in the early 80's in the UK they were considered on par with The Smiths in popularity. They were wildly popular in the UK college radio scene. I frankly have never heard of them and there is a good chance you have never heard of them either. So I have included one of their most recognizable songs for your listening pleasure.

Lloyd Cole and The Commotions - Perfect Skin


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