Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ric On Comedy Centrals Colbert Report

Ric made a stop by Comedy Centrals "Colbert Report" Show on April 20th. Ocasek appearance was a two fold affair. During a comedy bit in which he played the resident expert on walking on water (The Magic video) Ric told Colbert that walking on water could be done in the sun debunking a book by paleontologists Colbert was satirizing that said Jesus had walked on ice.

Colbert then put these paleontologists on his vaunted " On Notice" List. He then turned to Ric and asked him if he had anyone he wanted to put on notice. Ric replied "Todd Rundgren" and put his name in the slot, which made the audience break out into laughter.

Below is the Link for the Video Clip in It's entirety.

Ric On Colbert Report


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